Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bangladesh in Cartoons: 2013

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Exhibitionist!

Went to Dhaka Art Summit yesterday.Actually It was great and  lots of Arty stuff (Most off which i don't understand :-P) But liked the diversity and use of new media at the exhibition. I am sure if they continues this way it would eventually become a supreme platform for Bangladeshi artists.  Enough with the weighty talks. Here goes My take on Dhaka Art Summit!  ENJOY! :-p
Done for Dhaka tribune's special supplement for Dhaka Art Summit 2014.

The 12 type of people that you will meet atevery Bangladeshi art show!

1.Art Critic
The ultimate outsider assumes the pose of Rodin’s The Thinker in front of every painting hoping someone will ask his opinion. Be warned once they open their mouths verbal diarrhea commences.

2.The Child
The most honest person in the room who sees through the pretensions of the art and everyone there. He says it like he sees it.

3.The Senior Artist
Jealous by nature nothing is ever good enough for them and they hate it when the newbies get all the attention.

4.Wealthy Art Collector
With more money than taste they seemingly buy their way up the social and cultural ladder.
5.Gallery Manager
Her only job seems to be to try to convince the rich art collector that hers 30% commission is as worthwhile as She says it is.

6.Random Passersby
They’ll only come by to use to the bathroom.

7.Desperate Couple
After not finding a place to neck any exhibition is worthwhile going to because at least they can still hold hands and take pictures without being gawked at.

8.The Celebrity
He is only dragged to an exhibition to create some buzz. Nothing more, nothing less.
9.The Artist Lookalike

With long hair and an unusual look, he grabs the attention of everyone around him with people often confusing him for the artist much to the chagrin of the real artist.

10.The Artist
Generally normal looking, but frustrated by attention everyone seems to be getting rather than him. Late in life he realizes an exhibition is rarely about the artist or the art it’s a process of social Darwinism where cream rarely rises to the top.

11.The Intellectuals
A red teep for the ladies and a shawl for men no matter what time of the year it is. Everything has artistic value for them even a half-eaten apple.

12.The Journalist
Let’s be honest, they only come for the food.

text: My good friend Nader rahman.