Saturday, July 7, 2012

Few covers from last month

Never before have you felt an urge this strong to be cordial enough to reply to those unread messaged. You see ten Facebook

tabs waiting to be opened, people waiting to be stalked. A buzz followed by incessant rings reminds you of your cell phone, demanding

your attention. Calling up a friend to muse about your procrastinating self seems like the perfect idea. Surely she shall endow you with

useful tips on how to relinquish your distraction and grant yourself the ability to concentrate. The demons of procrastination

strikes you dumb. Every other activity other than focusing on the task at hand seems to beof utmost importance. Every distraction is a

trap, or a spike that shall steer the‘momentary’ break and turn it into a prolonged period of pitiful musings that leads you to no

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The Quest for EqualityAccess to Education

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my Grumpy-Happy Motherland
Waking up to a freshly brewed cup of morning tea, the sun creeping into the house, an angry Bangalee opens the day’s newspaper and boom! Every last bit of anger in him starts erupting- he becomes unstoppable! Using the day’s headlines as a spring of stimulation, he goes on and on about the sorry state of our country, its lack of system, the lack of safety and the list goes on….and on and ON!
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