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After four long years we celebrated Unmad cartoon exhibition 2012. For those who don't know, Unmad is the only satire based cartoon magazine in south asia and it is running for last 34 years. For last 3 and half decades it is not only pushing humor at it's best but also acting as a platform to unite all the cartoonists, idealisT, and thousands of fans across Bangladesh.

So this years exhibition was a huge success  as thousands of cartoon lovers came and turned this exhibition into a crazy circus! Thanx to our sister concern travel and fashion magazine for helping out to make this event such a huge success.
  Back in 2008 when i first participated for the unmad cartoon exhibition,  i was just a beginner in cartooning and didn't know what i was doing. So now after four years  nothing have changed and as i still don't know what i am doing, i feel the urge to show  some of my ideas and work to people.

Botanist Professor Dwijen Sharma  and legendary cartoonist ahsan habib inaugurated the exhibition. This years theme was "SAVE TREES"
Cartoons by asiful huda, jahid hasan benu, mehedi haque, was displayed at the exhibition. And the Unmad cartoon award forthis year was given to cartoonist shikha.

             save the trees save the world!

            I forgot to scan the original pieces before submission. so had to share the photographs.
                                                    Cutting down the same ROOTS.

                                  This one is one of my favorite. A dead tree thinking about GREEN.
                                                         kill the tree, you kill the world.
                                                                 check mate!

                                                   Fighting back the Urban Monster.

                                        Taking  trees away means taking  childhood away.




Botanist Professor Dwijen Sharma inaugurated the exhibition by clearing
oxizen in a tree-terium!

The exhibition displayed 70 cartoons of the country’s 30 famous cartoonists. It ended on 3 June 2012.

And finally the news coverages! :

And thanx to Mr. Simu Naser for the 'sarcasm'

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