Friday, October 29, 2010


My first published Cartoon for the DAILY SUN news paper (and also the first one in it's history ;-P)
The cartoon goes under the caption of

Eve teasing goes unabated

here is the story link:

though the cartoon is very simple, but while doing it i have learned something. and that is every day cartooning for a Daily is not an easy job and totally different then working for monthly or weekly magazines!
at list you get some breathing space for those. and when it comes to Daily News paper...well... let's look at it this way, you don't get any news before 7:30 .
after you get a news which is worthy of cartooning then you have to thought of the idea and if possible several of them.
then you have to confirm any of those idea's from your editor by making some rough sketches to make him understand. And all that i must have to do within 8:30.
Only then I'll get 1 and half our till 10:oo pm to Draw , color and for totally fine tuning the cartoon!
Last but not the list funny part is after doing all that the CARTOON might not get published just because some big fat advertise might have taken you space! :-P

happy cartooning everybody!

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  1. যেই সেক্সি আপু আঁকছো আমারি তো টিজাইতে মঞ্চাইতাসে! :P