Monday, October 18, 2010

my old Commissioned piece caricatures (2009-2010) খ্যাপ-ক্যাচার!

গত এক বছরের করা খ্যাপের কারিক্যাচার বা খ্যাপক্যাচার গুলো তুলে দিলুম! BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, MARRIAGE GIFT, FAREWELL , REVENGE! and complementary commissioned pieces! ইয়ু নেম ইট! সব করেছি! :-D

Rahat n toma's first baby girl! it was a gift for the little one's birthday card and backdrop layout.

1st one is polash. he did the nicest caricature of mine i ever had. So this was more like returning
a favour! ;-P
Next is> one and only sujoy ahmed. bassist from my all time favorite Band subconscious.

this was a Commissioned piece for a birthday surprise. As the caricatured 'victim' works in front of camera and also has passion for photography the theme was more like vice versa.
Photo reference: Nadira Nasim Chaity.

These 2 caricatures which need NO introduction (only of course if they are recognizable from my caricature :-P) MZI and shaikh siraz. As i remember these were voluntary work for the 3rd or 2nd International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh.

I had a lot of fun caricaturing these 2 love birds. It was a wedding gift for RJ Nusrat from Radio Foorty.

Caricature of the caricature him self! Personally i think the caricature was not good enough and more like a portrait! photo reference: Noman.

A group caricature done for the British American Tobacco. Some big shot country head had the last laugh on his farewell party i guess!

the one in the Left is Artist MUSTAFA MONWAR. And the one @ right side is Politician Monjurul Islam khan. the piece was made for "Tobuo" the mid monthly house hold magazine.

This is APU BHAI. Station Producer Radio Foorty. (and he is still Loading! :-P)


  1. দারুন হয়েছে।

    ছবির নিচে ক্যাপশন দিলে আরও ভাল লাগত।

  2. দিয়ে দিলাম ক্যাপশন! :-P